The West Town art scene is blossoming. Our local artists and galleries are thriving, not only as a result of widespread community support, but because their work reflects the rich tapestry of our neighborhoods and residents. We can make West Town an artistic destination and encourage this local renaissance by sponsoring more public art installations, fostering partnerships between our art galleries and other local businesses, and expanding existing local community programs to promote West Town art and artists.


A “sense of place” is fostered by having a strong identity and character that is deeply felt by local inhabitants and visitors. The beauty of public art is that it not only creates a fun and engaging urban experience, but it also helps our businesses prosper. As a center for art and the creative economy, West Town will attract visitors from all over the city and country, highlighting the talented works being created in our community and offering artists a pathway to greater city, state, and federal support.


(Partnerships: local artists, community art galleries, art organizations and museums, local artistic educational institutions, Aldermanic offices, and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events)

Incorporating the Arts in Streetscape Elements


Our first recommendation is to promote local artists and art through a revamped streetscape and banner program. Our street banner program will fill our streets with a variety of different artworks by featuring work from local artists on public street banners along the West Town SSA corridors. Similarly, we will involve artists when designing future streetscaping projects, like our artist-designed SSA garbage cans, and other beautification efforts.

Performance, Art and Entertainment Venues


Our third recommendation is to promote and advocate for the creation of new performance art and entertainment venues in West Town. Our commercial corridors are young and vibrant, but they lack a multitude of entertainment venues that could make our district a destination for nightlife. By promoting performances, art, and advocating for more entertainment venues, West Town will become a destination for nightlife and culture.

Public Art and Programming


Our second recommendation is to expand our existing public art initiative and support other local arts-related programming. Public art is essential to creating a greater sense of place, makes our streetscape more enjoyable, and encourages people to linger longer, thereby increasing revenue for our businesses.

Government Partnerships


Our fourth recommendation is to create partnerships with city, state, and federal entities to help secure grants that encourage the expansion of art and entertainment initiatives in West Town.

Let's Make Chicago Avenue More

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Let's Make West

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Let's Celebrate West Town's Character and Diversity

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Let's Make West Town

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