West Town is a vibrant community, rich with history and the artistic character of diverse neighborhoods like Ukrainian Village and East Humboldt Park. As our neighborhoods develop, so too should our commitment to preserving the very things that make West Town special: its people, character, and diversity.


Rapid development threatens to displace our neighbors and diminish the allure of our community and historic buildings. However, when we support local businesses, artists, community organizations, as well as recruit and educate small business owners, we can continue to reap the rewards of increased development. Together we can preserve West Town’s identity and make sure our neighbors share these opportunities equally and more equitably.


(Partnerships: local art galleries, local artists, entertainment venues, cultural institutions, and creative businesses, local businesses and community organizations, community organizations and neighborhood groups, Aldermanic offices, and the Chicago Park District, cultural institutions, historic centers and museums)

Spaces for Socializing, Places for Community


Our third recommendation is to increase the amount of physical gathering spaces for socializing and allow for pedestrians to linger longer on our commercial corridors. A key component of a vibrant community is allowing multiple opportunities for people to congregate, talk, and build relationships.

Promoting the West Town Brand


Our second recommendation is to promote the branding efforts carried out by the Chamber to further highlight the West Town Community Area’s unique neighborhoods.

Retaining Character and Diversity


Our first and most important recommendation is to retain ethnic heritage, culture, and businesses by supporting independently owned and operated businesses, as well as reinforcing the marketing of West Town’s ethnic subcultures.

Let's Make Chicago Avenue More

Pedestrian and Bicycle


Let's Make West

Town a Leader in Sustainability

Let's Celebrate West Town's Character and Diversity

Let's Encourage Small Business Development

in West Town

Let's Make West Town

a Center for Art and

The Creative Economy