When our small businesses thrive, so does West Town. For every dollar you spend at a locally owned, independent retailer, 34 cents are returned to the community. While Chicago Avenue is already a destination for shoppers from around the city, local businesses are still missing out on over $100 million dollars in unmet grocery, food, and alcohol sales.


We’ve come a long way, but there’s still an opportunity to help our small business community flourish like never before. The demand is here, the customers are here, but to take advantage of this untapped potential, we must encourage both new and existing businesses by cultivating partnerships and continuing to improve the safety of our residents and business owners. Everyone has an important role to play, when we work together, we can support our local businesses and make West Town a great place to live, work, and shop.


(Partnerships: local businesses, business incubation centers, economic development centers, other Chambers of Commerce, Chicago Police Department, CAPS, community safety committees, Aldermanic offices, and residence groups)

Crime and Safety


Our second recommendation for encouraging small business development is to promote a culture of safety and tidiness in our community, and to focus on crime prevention. If West Town is a place that is safe, clean, and bustling, there will be less opportunities for crime due to more people on the street.

Business Retention and Attraction


Our first recommendation for encouraging small business development is to focus on business retention and attraction.

Our independent businesses are the economic backbone of the community and play an important role in West Town’s

unique character.

The Amber Building Before Facade Improvement

The Amber Building After Facade Improvement

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