West Town’s frequent flooding is both an environmental and economic problem. Floods not only erode our infrastructure and environment, but they threaten small and large businesses as well. Creating an urban framework that improves stormwater management, energy efficiency, and benefits endangered local species is surprisingly affordable and will help make West Town a more beautiful place to live and work.


We heard you. During community outreach, over 75% of surveyed residents with basements reported flooding and nearly half of respondents wanted more greenspace. By promoting energy efficiency, the sale and use of natural consumer goods, planting native vegetation, and community gardening, we can protect our neighbors from frequent flooding and also make the West Town neighborhood Chicago’s leader in sustainability.


There is both a need and demand for more green infrastructure. However, creating a more sustainable community requires more than the commitment of the City and business owners. The entire community must come together to build a proactive green community. Together we can educate and empower everyone to do their part to support green infrastructure and development by taking the following actions.


(Partnerships: CNT, local residents groups, and Aldermanic offices, local garden shops, local community gardens, and conservation groups)

Green Infrastructure


Our first recommendation is to promote installation of and education about green infrastructure in Chicago. By employing a variety of tools that reduce stormwater runoff and create more energy-efficient homes and businesses, we can enjoy a cleaner and more sustainable West Town.

Native plant gardens help restore native bee & butterfly populations

while beautifying and mitigating rain water floods!

Rejuvenating Butterfly and Native Bee Populations


Our third recommendation is to help rejuvenate butterfly and native bee populations by creating and maintaining community gardens and promoting the use of pollinator plants to mitigate flooding issues in the neighborhood. Butterflies and native bee populations have suffered greatly in recent years. Despite playing a vital role in flowers growth, butterflies and bees continue to struggle to find pollinator plants. The good news is that it’s easy and inexpensive to to protect our butterfly and bee populations.

Rain Ready and LEED


Our second recommendation is to provide educational resources from the RainReady and LEED certification programs and to encourage more RainReady  and LEED installations. RainReady  and LEED certifications are effective because they protect properties against costly flood damage while reducing energy costs and the overall environmental impact of buildings.

Let's Make Chicago Avenue More

Pedestrian and Bicycle


Let's Make West

Town a Leader in Sustainability

Let's Celebrate West Town's Character and Diversity

Let's Encourage Small Business Development

in West Town

Let's Make West Town

a Center for Art and

The Creative Economy